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What Our Customers Say

Chic Pets' Boutique was born out of the simple idea that great stores offer great products and fantastic service. We take pride in our dedication to our customers, and are thrilled to present some of our clients’ feedback below.


Last night Latitia and I picked up Luna’s new custom made harness made from Chic Pets’ Boutique and gifted from Bambam The Hairless Munchkin and her owner. She will definitely not be able to slither out of this one!! I think it was meant that we crossed paths.


Got Belle's outfit yesterday!! Absolutely love it!!❤❤

Marsha B


I just received the soap, hoodie and t-shirt and wanted to let you know I “LOVE” them. I will be ordering again and will send a picture of my Sphinx kitten wearing them as soon as I get her. She’s going to be born this month. I Love your site!

Connie W


I want to share with you how cool this blue fish collar is. 😻💙Humom loves the clasp, says top quality, and the fact the fish bones glow in the dark. Ok that part I don’t like hard to play hid n seek 😹 .

Zoro bengal Cat


Miss Gigi loves her new purple harness.



REVIEW: Chic Pets' Boutique offers the cutest designs for your four-legged friends. All clothes are well made and only from toxin free fabrics. Margo has great selection for every season of the year. My cats look absolutely fashionable yet comfortable. Excellent customer service.



Mine escapes easily from other harnesses but so far he can't get out of this one. He snuck out the door a few weeks ago and still had it in from our walk. He was gone 4 days but when he was found he was still wearing the harness.



This is my cat, his name is Buddy. He is wearing the royal blue harness. I ordered it from your site. I LOVE IT!! It doesn't choke him and it's very sturdy. Fits nicely as well.

Stephie Ann


I just got my order in the mail. The Hoodie and dress are very cute! They fit perfectly around the neck and body.

Dorothy S.


I just got my order in the mail. The Hoodie and dress are very cute! They fit perfectly around the neck and body.

Dorothy S.


Bambam The Hairless Munchkin

 and her hoomans absolutely LOOOOOOOVE this soap. We give it 5 Paws up! Hoomans use it for their face and it is by far the best soap we have used on our faces. We highly recommend it!

Bambam The Hairless Munchkin


I have that soap and I can't wait to use it for My Squeaky  thank you so much  smells so good! Want eat it lol

Elizabeth P.


ooh it’s amazing!!! I got some and we used it just recently. It works amazing and smells divine.

Kethery H.

teal harness.jpg

Castiel received his harness today and loved getting to go outside with it on. Thank you!!!

Melissa S.

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