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We always recommend getting Sherpa pet carrier, they are approved by all airlines.

In the pet carrier put:

🐱 travel pet water bottle

🐱 food bowl and litter

🐱 travel litter box

Attach all objects with Velcro or dual sided sticky tape. It will stick nicely to the carrier.

Get seat right behind the business class for more leg room. Or upgrade to 1st or business class at the airport for $100-200.

Also, some airlines offer companion passes, if you apply for their credit card. You can use that companion pass to get a seat for your pet for only paying taxes.

If your kitty/ dog hasn’t traveled yet, we would recommend thundershirts.

Also, if you are unable to upgrade to the business or first class, or get a seat behind business class. Ask someone to trade seats with you and buy them lunch.

Do not choose turbines seats.


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