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🐱🐱ThunderShirts for Cats and Dogs 🐶 🐶

The ThunderShirt is a non-medicinal approach to treating fear responses. This is the preferred choice of treatment for non-aggressive, fear-response pets.

The ThunderShirt is basically a garment with adjustable fasteners that comes in a variety of sizes. It is made from durable and washable fabric that compresses much like Spandex does for humans.

How Does The ThunderShirt Work?

The ThunderShirt is based on the concept of swaddling or compression. Just as swaddling new babies can help them to feel more secure, compression can help anxious pets to feel more secure. The pressure applied by the ThunderShirt has a calming effect that helps approximately 80 percent of pets with anxiety to feel relief.

Why Try The ThunderShirt First?

Here are a few reasons you should consider the ThunderShirt before resorting to other solutions for anxiety with pets.

* Simple and affordable solution to thunder (or other types) of anxiety

* Does not present the potential for side effects that come with other anxiety treatments

* Easy to put on and has Velcro closures making it adjustable

* Can be cleaned and put through the washing machine to maintain cleanliness

* Designed to be safe for use over extended periods of time (consideration must be given to the external temperature to avoid the possibility of overheating).

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