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Properly Dress Your Cat

There are 2 categories of cats’ clothes: long term wear and short term wear.

Long term: dresses, shirts, hoodies, sweaters, almost anything related to indoor wear.

Short term/ sleep wear: rain/ puffy jackets, and PJs.

Long term wear is shorter than short term wear to avoid: overheating, rear legs mobility restrictions, spread poop box contents, unnecessary pressure in stomach areas, and constant rubs on sensitive area (2-3 inches above tail) and on knees. Long term wear can be worn up to 8-10 hours.

Short term wear is longer to protect from cold, scratches, prevent tree climbing, easy to escape if grabbed by another animal. Short term wear shouldn’t be worn for longer than 3 hours (except sleep wear.)

Personally, we wouldn’t recommend getting bigger size, as longer outfits can do more harm, than good.

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