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How to Travel with a Cat in a Car Long Distance

1. Prepare for Your Road Trip with A Dress Rehearsal

Take a few short trips around your home area to see how your cat is going to deal with it. Almost any cat will be stressed, especially at first. Let your cat out of the carrier in the car, she/he will pace, pant, and cry. They won’t be happy. But after about an hour, they will begin to calm down. After a few trips, it will take about 20 minutes to settle down on top of your belongings in the back seat, or on someone’s lap, and just chill out.

2. Shop the Right Cat Carrier or Cat Crate

Your cat will likely spend more time in and out of it on the road than ever before. Make sure it’s sized properly for your kitty. We recommend spacy, comfortable, with a removable fluffy liner Sherpa cat carriers. Bring your cat’s bed, blankets, treats, toys, chews, and scratching posts.

3. Take Your Cat to the Vet

Before leaving home, make a stop at your local vet. Make sure:

· Your kitty is healthy enough for travel.

· Shots up to date.

· Any obvious health signs that should be investigated before hitting the road.

· Load up on prescription meds to last the duration of your trip.

· Any special dietary needs to tend to (special food that may be hard to find away from home).

· Stay with a feeding schedule.

· Make sure your at is microchipped and your contact information is up to date.

4. List of Equipment Needed for Travel:

· Travel size poop box.

· Litter.

· Harness with leash. Attach leash to your suitcase, purse, or seat. In case of car accident, your cat won’t run away. Custom made harnesses

· Travel size water cap with a lead.

· Travel size food plates

· Small rubber matt to attach food bowl and water cup.

· Double-sided tape to attach rubber matt, food bowl and water cup to the rubber matt.

· Wet wipes for pets.

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