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😸 How to prepare for new sphynx kitten 😸

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Bringing new sphynx kitten home can be stressful and anxious. Especially, if it’s your first naked kitty. However, it’s a lot simpler, than you think.

Kittens grow fast, don’t buy a lot of clothes. In 2-3 months, kittens will grow out of kitten size, and you can buy XS clothes. They will stay XS until 12-15 months old.

Don’t play with your kitten with bare hands if you don't want it to attack your hands and feet later. Teach it to play with toys.

Here is what you need:

🐱 Litter box and sand

🐱 Stainless steel food and water

🐱 Good soap for sphynx cats

🐱 Microfiber cloth for bath

🐱 1-2 kitten size pajamas

🐱 2-3 kitten size SPF shirts/ dresses

🐱 1 hoodie or sweater

🐱 Small toys 5-7 pieces: small balls, small mice, toys with feathers, etc

🐱 Warm bed and blanket

🐱 Scratch post and cat tree

🐱 Start harness training at 20 weeks

🐱 Health insurance

🐱 Annual HCM scans

Clothes and soap can be purchased here

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