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Dealing With the Loss of Your Cat

9 Ways to Process Your Grief

Grieving is a highly individual process. Different things will help different people cope with the loss of their cat. Some people need to be alone while others will need to get a new cat as soon as possible. There is no right or wrong. Here are some of the tips if you aren’t sure how to process your grief:

1. Give the popular poem, "The Rainbow Bridge," a good read. Cry if you need to.

2. Surround yourself with other people who knew and loved your cat. Don’t be afraid to say you are sad or angry and acknowledge the hurt you are all feeling together.

3. If you have another pet, spend time with them. Pets grieve too, so if you had a pet that was especially close to your cat it may help you both to spend time together.

4. Try looking at pictures of your pet or sort through its favorite things. Consider making a photo album, scrapbook, or shadow box to remember your cat and remind you of happier times.

5. Redirect your attention and focus. Don’t forget that there are still many beautiful things about life, even though your cat is gone. Spend time doing things you enjoy.

6. Call an empathetic friend who loves cats and talk to them. If you can’t think of someone to call, try going online to a forum or support group for people who are experiencing the loss of a pet. Talk about your cat and tell someone what you loved about your cat and why they were so special.

7. Consider getting a new cat someday. This may be completely out of the question for some people, but for others, they need that tangible, physical being to hold and pet. You will never truly be able to replace your cat but you may help fill the emptiness in your heart with a new one.

8. Remind yourself that time cannot be slowed down or sped up but it will get easier for you to cope with each passing day.

9. See a grief counselor or therapist. Talk therapy is powerful and often necessary. There is no shame in needing help getting through a difficult situation.

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