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Best Health Insurance for Cats

Best Health Insurances for Cats

  1. Lemonade- coverage starts at $10 per month.

  2. Pumpkin- quick reimbursement.

  3. Spot- quick claim processing.

  4. Embrace- low deductible.

  5. Pawp- emergency insurance.

  6. Progressive Pet Insurance- deductible starts at $50.

  7. FIGO- zero deductible for emergency claims.

  8. ASPCA- low cost insurance.

  9. Prudent Pet- 24/7 online vet.

  10. Healthy Paws- no cap reimbursement.

  11. Trupanion- great for hereditary conditions.

  12. Nationwide- excoriated animals.

  13. Pet First- preventative care.

  14. Trusted Pals- customizable.

  15. Banfield- wellness plans include dental cleaning.

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