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10 Best Cat Dry Foods for Sensitive Stomachs 2021

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Our reviews are based on extensive research, lab, and hands-on testing. We are not associated with any of the companies. Links to purchase are for easy shopping and price check. Some products might be available at your local grocery or pet store at a lower or higher price.

Signs of cat having a sensitive stomach:

· Vomiting

· Diarrhea, constipation, or changes in stools

· Increased thirst

· Unexplained weight loss

· Poor coat condition

· Itching or other skin problems

Before you switch foods, check with your vet to make sure there isn’t an underlying health condition causing loose stools or vomiting. Next, take a look at the ingredients label on your cat’s current food.

If your cat is having any of the symptoms above ask your vet if it’s acute or chronic. Acute issues could be the result of a change in diet, an infection, intestinal disease, or stress. Majority of chronic digestive issues are a cause of food allergies or a sensitive stomach. At this point you may want to try foods formulated to solve digestive issues.

Cat Food elements for a sensitive stomach:

· Wholesome and natural ingredients

· High-quality animal protein (preferably novel protein)

· Healthy fats, omega fatty acids

· Easily digestible carbohydrates

· Nutritionally balanced

· Probiotics and prebiotics fibers (easy digestion)

· No artificial additives

ORIJEN Guardian 8 Adult Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Crafted with quality ingredients to help address eight common ailments in cats. It is rich with fresh and raw whole prey animal ingredients. This recipe contains 90% premium animal ingredients and 2/3 of them are fresh and raw, which help support immunity, digestive health, skin and coat health, heart health, joint health, brain and cognitive function, eye health, as well as muscle maintenance.

Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Chicken Recipe

Formulated specifically for cats with sensitive stomachs, this dry food features highly digestible ingredients, including fresh chicken, whole grain carbohydrates, and probiotic supplements.

Merrick Purrfect Bistro Complete Care Grain- Free Sensitive Stomach Recipe Dry Cat Food

This grain-free cat food may be just what you need to soothe your sensitive feline’s tummy troubles. With deboned chicken listed as its top ingredient, this dry food also keeps your cat’s metabolism and digestive system operating smoothly by providing plenty of prebiotics and probiotics.

Instinct Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Cat Food

Made with a single source of less common animal protein (one that your cat has probably not encountered before), one vegetable, and a limited number of other ingredients, this rabbit recipe is highly digestible and loaded with healthy nutrients.

Halo Holistic Seafood Medley Sensitive Stomach Dry Cat Food

This holistic recipe from Halo, this seafood medley cat food is specifically designed for cats with sensitive stomachs. It’s rich in high-quality protein—the whitefish and salmon are whole, no fish meal in sight—and easy to digest.

FirstMate Pacific Ocean Fish Meal Featuring 95 percent protein from Pacific Ocean fish meal along with antioxidant-rich blueberries, this high-protein, limited-ingredient diet is a great option for cats with sensitive stomachs.

I and Love and You Lovingly Simple for Sensitive Stomachs

This nutrient-rich, limited-ingredient diet, made with salmon and sweet potatoes, is free from poultry and grains. It includes prebiotics and probiotics to aid digestion.

Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet Alligator Cat Food

If your cat suffers from severe food allergies and requires a prescription diet, this recipe is made with a novel source of protein—alligator—and is uniquely formulated to minimize negative reactions.

Natural Balance LID High-Protein Salmon Formula

Made without grains, potatoes, or artificial fillers, this salmon-based formula is both limited in ingredients and high in protein. Plus, it’s supplemented with plenty of fiber for healthy digestion.

ACANA Grasslands Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

This formula offers 75% animal ingredients such as fresh or raw duck, quail, freshwater fish, and cage-free eggs paired with 25% fruits, veggies, and probiotics. Made without grains, this kibble is sourced from a curated selection of farmers, ranchers, and fishermen. Probiotics, high-quality protein, and fiber help support digestive health. Keeps your cat’s skin and coat healthy and shiny with omega fatty acids.

8 Best Wet Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach

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